Elevate Organizational Performance Through Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching

EQLead will partner with your business to:

Develop Leadership

Using the EQ-i 2.0, EQLead can help you support and grow your leaders through individual or small group coaching.

Identify and Promote Talent

Use Emotional Intelligence measures to screen and identify the best internal and external candidates for a leadership role in your organization.

Overcome Performance Gaps

EQLead can help your organization overcome inefficiencies in performance or communication caused by gaps in Emotional Intelligence or struggles with the management of interpersonal relationships.

About EQLead

Owner Dr. David Rust maintains over 25 years of leadership and coaching experience working in public schools and retail management.


EQLead helps organizations identify, select, develop, promote and retain high-performing and high-potential employees, managers, and leaders through emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment and coaching.


EQLead’s vision is to become a trusted partner and valued resource, helping businesses, public institutions and non-profits, to grow the capacity of their management teams and increase productivity.

Why Choose EQ Lead and EQ Coaching?

  • Dr. Rust is a certified EQ-i assessor and coach.  His research, and practical experience with Emotional Intelligence spans 15 years.
  • A person’s IQ,  cognitive intelligence, plateaus before age 25 but one’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) continues to develop throughout a lifetime, impacting how we engage with supervisors, direct reports, peers and clients.  Everyone is limited by emotional intelligence gaps that can hinder interpersonal relationships and overall performance.  These blindspots can be identified, and reduced or eliminated over time, with deliberate coaching.
  • The EQ-i 2.0 is one of the world’s most carefully vetted emotional intelligence assessments, as well as the most scientifically valid and reliable. 

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